Posted by: organicisforsuckers | 09/23/2009

“Organic” is for suckers…or is it?

Once upon a time, a group of people had an idea.  They wanted to eat food that wasn’t loaded with pesticide residues.  On further reflection, they also decided that they wanted their food to be grown in a sustainable way.  The commercial agribusiness snickered to itself, and ignored them.

Things changed when these people added the kicker:  “We’ll pay extra…”  This immediately got agribusiness interested.  “How much extra?”  they wondered to themselves.  And so began the modern day business of Organic labelling. 

Is this a problem?  After all, we are getting what we want, right?  What if we aren’t?  What if the same megacorporations that are poisoning us with their pre-chewed and digested, processed, enriched, and build specifically to make you want more are the same ones now selling us on “organic”.  You trust them, right?  Because our major food providers have always been looking out for our interests, right? (note – this wasnt meant to be a list of evil corporate shenigans, more of a primer to make you think, and see that “organic” is still a subject of hot debate.)

Add to that the many other controversies, regarding land useage, animal rights, and even the definition of the word…and it can get downright confusing, when all you want is to feed you and your family REAL food.

So what are we to do?  Educate yourself!  I know it’s inconvenient, in this day and age of sloth, fat, and instant gratification, but if you actually CARE – do something about it!  As you can see here, here, here, and here – you likely don’t even know what your getting with that cute little green sticker, but I’m sure you THINK you do.

Argue with me.  Disagree with me.  Call me a schill (for which side? lol).  Just use your noodle!


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