Posted by: D. | 09/23/2009

Piss off, and take some ashes with you.

So here we have a recent study, in which the wonderful people at the university of Kuopio have shown that the major Biochemical companies may not have quite the stranglehold over agricultural development as they thought they did.  This study has found that common human urine, bottled for a month or so to kill any microbial lifeforms present (Hepatitus and the like), and then added to commonly found wood ash, creates an awesome fertilizer that is just as effective as the current commercial varieties.

This is pretty amazing stuff.  One of the biggest hurdles to agriculturally developing the third world, has been the cost and logistics.  Here you have A.)  Urine that everyone produces and B.)  Wood ash from the fires that are still predominantly used to cook foods with.  I’ll bet Monsanto and Dow are just as happy as can be 🙂

So besides the obvios applications in a third-world economy, what else does this give us?  Well, urine in our wastewater stream contains 80% of the Nitrogen and 45% of the phosphorus content of the entire stream, this despite the fact that urine (by volume) only makes up appx. 10-15% of the total.  Should these nutrients be removed from the waste stream and recycled back into a food production cycle.  That is not even accounting for the lower amount of nutrients being dumped ito waterways, where they do little but feed algae and bacteria.

Most importantly, this is a process that can be done at home!  Yes, there is an ick factor, but have we really become such whining wusses that we can’t handle a little piss now and again?  One thing I am rather curious about is whether this interaction would hold true with the previously mentioned Bio-Char.  I sense an experiment coming on 🙂


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