Posted by: D. | 09/24/2009

Am I lying to you? How would you know? Would you even care?

It has become more apparent with each passing day that the polarization in our society has increased markedly over the last 10 years.  It has never been so evident as it is with the introduction of the internet as a common denominator in media, opinion, and advertising.

Don’t believe me?  You shouldn’t.  Everyone has a spin.Then again, I may be lying.  Example.  Where do YOU get your news?  You know, those talking points that you trot out at the watercooler so you can impress that hot little minx from accounting?  Where do you go to keep up on world-or even just us happenings so you will know what the other talking heads you bump into daily are spouting off about?

MSNBC?  Liberal.

CNN?  Moderate Liberal.

FOXNews?  Conservative.

AP Newswire?  Undecided and confused.

We all have our own unique stance on any particular issue.  We agree with others for our own personal reasons, and sometimes those reasons are just to fit in.  As such, we are generally pretty picky about the slant given to our “facts”.  Don’t believe me?  Read the same news article on MSNBC and FOXnews.  REALLY look at them.  Side by side if you need to.  Sounds like two completely different events, doesn’t it?  One thinks Obama’s latest speech was a masterpiece, the other can’t stop talking about how desperate he sounds. 

I submit to you, that there is no longer any such thing as truly unbiased news.  The media has found that only angry, scared, or smug readers are likely to return, and they have made those their target demographics.   Why?  Because they are people.  People who see things their own, unique way.  People who are doing jobs, to make MONEY.  You make money when lots of people read and talk about your articles.  You make money when you drive web traffic to your “host’s” site.  Make sense?

Problem is, it is killing us as a people.  We can’t get any meaningful reforms done because of all of the noise. 

FACT:  Sarah Palin has singlehandedly disrupted the debate (not the effort) on health care reform by LYING about government “Death-Panels”.  They simply do not exist, nor would they.  Correction.  They do exist – right now.  They are the unnamed bunch of bean-counters that decide whether to approve or deny your insurance claim.  They are the ones that decide that the medical procedure that MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE is too expensive, and will cost the stockholders $.30 of their precious dividends.  Where is the outrage?  Why isn’t the marvelous MILF herself objecting to these?  Far easier to prey on the FEAR and ANGER of the average American so she can get another 1,000 facebook friends.  Did I mention she is on the lucrative private speaking circuit – as well as writing a book?

If I was to tell you that the Governor’s next budget contained an appropriation of 6 million dollars to euthanize puppies with cinderblocks, would YOU get all offended and tell EVERYONE you know about it?  Would you start donating money to anyone who “promises” to do something about it?  Would you write letters and stir up more moral outrage to do something about it?

Or would you track down a copy of the bill and see for yourself. 

One hint:  One of these hints requires actually thinking for yourself and making a logical determination – also known as critical thinking.  As such, I submit to you, that most people will choose the former.

My faith in the fallibility of manking has few bounds, whenever I begin to question that, I need only turn on the TV.


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