Posted by: D. | 09/25/2009

The ends justify the means, and why you should care.

First off, learn something.

This whole stub is fascinating.  Here we see our morals and ethics with all of the niceties of emotion and such stripped bare.  This statement, and it’s inverse could possibly say more about a person than any other measure one can think of.

There are countless iterations of this theme – perhaps you’ve heard that “To make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs?”  This is one of my favorite versions, as it has the secondary effect of completely removing the human aspect from the equation.  After all, we all know you have to break the eggs to make an omelet, so just think of the propsective yummy omelet – pay no mind to the fact that those eggs who had no choice in the matter, and would likely beg to differ if they did.

Words, words, words…but what does it all mean!     Eugenics!

Oh noes!  He said the E word!  He must be hitler!  Or worse, a well meaning democrat!  RUN!  HIDE THE CHILDREN!

But wait.  Once again, educate yourself.  To break down eugenics to it’s most salient point, it is the “self-direction of human evolution”.  What exactly DOES that mean?  It turns out, a lot of different things.  Without throwing out there, such Nietzschean concepts as good, evil, and supermen, it means changing humanity (for the better?) through self-direction, and with purpose.  Would you like your kids to be smarter, faster, and resistant to the myriad of diseases and maladies that currently plague us?  Of course you do.  But how can we do that? 

I know my mind on this, and if you want to know more, you’ll simply have to ask the difficult questions.  To help you with that, let me ask a few of you.

1.)  If it were possible to completely eradicate a genetic, specifically hereditary disease, would it be worth any cost?  Cystic fibrosis?  Downs syndrome?  Colon cancer? (that last is not specifically hereditary – but still…) by sterilizing the folks that carry the dormant genes – would you do it?

2.)  Lets talk criminality.  How about mandatory summary execution for anyone convicted of say, 3 violent crimes during their lifetime.  After all, how many times can you kill or maim someone before society has the right to remove you from it.  3 strikes law, indeed.

3.)  Anyone with a demonstrated IQ of under 90 (the low end of “normal“) would be humanely euthanized, so as to not burden society with their lifetime care or faulty genes.

4.)  Your healthcare is free until you hit a predetermined lifetime amount – lets say, for sake of argument – a million dollars.  After that point, you are triaged, and will not be treated for any illness or injury.

So what do you think?  Let me guess, I’m a monster just for thinking about it?  LOL!  Why?  Would you allow a healthy child with a traumatic injury to die due to lack of care, simply to allow your disabled child to continue being disabled?

Should I, a healthy citizen who makes good choices in my life, not be allowed to reap the benefits?  And by benefits, I mean not having to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of people who shouldn’t even be drawing the same air?  In a perfect world, there would be infinite resources to draw upon, and this discussion would be moot.  Alas, we live in a very imperfect world, with very finite resources.

Should needy children go without, just so we can support a prison system full of people who are doing nothing but daydreaming about their next crime?  Or a hospital full of “special needs” adults whom require constant 24/7 skilled care?  Babies born with aids? 

Aww hell.  I done got you all riled up.  What was it that broke the camels back?  It was the babies, huh?  The Downs kids?  It really doesnt matter when you get down to it.  Let’s move on to lesson #2

How’s about instead of Downs kids, we euthanize all of the sex offenders?  Murderers?  Car thieves?  Prostitutes?

Instead of the >IQ 80 folks, how’s about we substitute illegal immigrants, or blacks, or chinese?

In fact, lets boil it down to the bare nuts and bolts.  If we have to ration healthcare or any other essential resources, so that only one in three will recieve, say, the current standard – which two would you choose euthanize to get yours?  How about your wife?  Kid(s)?  Brother?  Sister?  Sweet neighbor lady?  Who would you give that power, if not you?  Or would you freely sacrifice yourself?

There will come a time when these choices will have to be made.  Whether it be quality medical care, food, or even jobs – the tough choices will not just disappear simply because nobody wants to have their name associated with them.






How can the fairy collective surprise the sin?


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