Posted by: D. | 10/08/2009

Awwww….looks like battling global warming is a bad thing :(

First, catch up.

Words…fail me right now.  Maybe pictures will help.


This monstrousity is the Burj Dubai, at the end of this year, it will be completed – and officially the tallest building in the world.  At 2,684 feet tall, it will be visible for miles and miles.  It’s estimated completion cost will be 4.1 BILLION dollars…


This, is the Hydropolis, another mega-project.  A $5000 dollar a night underwater hotel that will also be completed near the end of this year.  Price tag: 300 million pounds.


Here, we have a crappy picture of the Falcon city of wonders, another 1.5 billion dollar, 40 MILLION square foot development (halted in April of 2009 due to the economic crisis).


Lastly, we have the world dubai, a series of 300 or so manmade islands 4Km off of the coast, arranged in the shape of the world.  Estimated price tag?  14 BILLION dollars as of 2005.  Construction also halted recently due to poor economic climate.

Now…I am no muslim-hating xenophobic fruit job.  I do not blame any but those who desrve blame for the war on terror.  I find the culture of Islam fascinating – much like it’s peoples.  However…

When you have mega-construction projects of this magnitude, cradle-to-grave social welfare for all, extensive state controlled industry, and one of the highest standards of living in the world, there would seem to be little moral high ground to stand upon when declaring that the world’s unified efforts to prevent your country from sinking into the sea is going to make the government lose less than 1/4 of what these projects cost.

Maybe one would be better off rethinking their internal priorities…


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