Posted by: D. | 10/19/2009

Someone finally tells it like it is.

First off, you know the drill by now.

For the first time in ages, I find myself without something witty to say.  Bear with me – that may change.

Here we are reading a British newsrag, and the first thing that strikes me is that it could have been written for nearly any paper in the world and still be accurate.  Sure we’d have to change a few words here and there – but the vexation that is opined about is as valid in the USA as it would be in South Korea.

The peeps of the world sure love to hate their politicians.  We bicker and fight with each other while they bicker and fight with their clique, and someone is eventually elected.  Those that vote for the winner celebrate and proceed to guild said winner’s scat with gold, while the “losers” watch and scheme until the next cycle.

The faces and names come and go, but there is one constant that is unavoidable.  Us.

That’s right.  WE are the problem with democracy.  We the bickering, petty, dishonest, lazy, thin-skinned, hypocritical, douchebags that then elevate one of these also-douchebags to the fore in the hope he will do what WE want.

Never mind that most people can’t even agree on how to put up a new fence with their neighbor.  Forget that in most Urban areas, two groups of people with differing mindsets are usually streetgangs.  Forget that for every on-topic post in nearly every forum on the web, there are 12 more from idiots, perverts, or just plain old “for the lulz” retards.  Forget that when just about anyone you do not personally know (and most that you do) tell you to do something, you’re first (hopefully inner) reaction is to tell them to fuck off.

Did we somehow forget that we elect members of OUR communities to make the big decisions?  Would we REALLY be happy in a world in which whenever the Iranians get pissy we stop buying oil?  And that’s just one teeny-tiny little tip of the iceberg on this subject.

We live in a world in which the right decisions will never be right to some.  The wrong decisions have become the place keepers for real progress, and we actually have the gall to EXPECT our elected dumbasses to pick OUR voice out over the veritible ocean of screaming faces they deal with every single day.

No wonder they only bother listening to the ones that buy them lunches and hookers.  At least there will be some tangible (if short-term) benefit to doing something everyone will talk shit about anyway.

We are all going to die, and we have only ourselves to blame.


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